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Digital Done Easy

Amarillo Media Systems specializes in professional audio, video, lighting and media control systems. AMS installations are found in a variety of projects including churches, schools, government buildings and entertainment venues.



Since the introduction of the "Power Point" presentation, the corporate boardroom has found audio and video support an absolute necessity.. AMS can provide complete audio and video solutions for conference and training rooms including networked systems that allow video conferencing and document sharing to remote sites. AMS can also install digital signage systems in your lobby area and breakrooms.

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The Amarillo area has a deep spiritual history with churches of many faiths and denominations. The staff at AMS has worked with hundreds of these churches to enhance their worship with state-of- the-art sound and video projection systems. Camera systems now allow recording and live streaming with full high definition video. Our team designs and installs audio and video systems for sanctuaries, fellowship halls, activity centers and Sunday school rooms.

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AV technology is now used in every corner of the modern school campus. Interactive whiteboards and large LED displays have replaced yesterday’s chalk board. AMS also provides sound solutions for the gymnasium and outdoor athletic stadiums. Video projection, professional sound systems and theatrical lighting systems are some of the common services provided to our educational customers.

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It has become essential for courtrooms to display electronic documents and record all proceedings. AMS has an excellent client base of municipal council chambers and training facilities for police and fire departments.

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