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Sound Systems. Video Projection. Stage Lighting.

Helping Engineer The Perfect Experience

Amarillo Media Systems has provided high-quality AV solutions to Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle for almost 50 years. Alongside our dedication to providing the best AV equipment in Amarillo, we pride ourselves on our willingness to ensure our customers are satisfied before, during, and after the sale.

We’ve worked with various industries over the years and have extensive experience crafting AV solutions for large and small venues, live streaming, and teleconferencing. Our offerings include public address systems, video projection systems, sound mixers, stage lighting, and more.

We also offer ongoing support for AV equipment. We have a dedicated service department and can offer fast turnaround times on maintenance and repairs. Don’t wait until the day of the big meeting or performance. We can perform regular maintenance to ensure your A/V is working perfectly.


Conference Room & Meeting AV

Well-designed conference room or meeting space AV can increase productivity, retention, and the comfort of employees. Amarillo Media Systems has helped companies large and small optimize their meetings with video projection, public address systems, and video conferencing technology.

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Church AV

Whether you have a small congregation or a large one, Amarillo Media Systems will be able to help design an AV system that makes your sermons and praise music more impactful. We’ve not only helped churches in the panhandle develop an AV system that their congregation loves but also to live stream to members around the globe.

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Classroom AV

The modern education environment depends on access to high-speed internet, video projection ability, and high-quality room audio. Amarillo Media Systems has helped incorporate video projection, document cameras, smartboards, and amplification into classrooms throughout the Texas Panhandle.

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Government AV

In addition to meeting room and classroom style AV municipal governments use, courtrooms are modernizing and incorporating overhead projectors, sound systems, document cameras, and other modern audio visual solutions. This technology makes court proceedings smoother, more efficient, and simpler for officers of the court.

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Audio Visual Consultants, Installation, And Design

Amarillo Media Systems has been helping businesses throughout the Texas Panhandle develop unique solutions for their performance, meeting, and communication needs. Whether you’re looking for modern livestreaming or video conferencing solutions or a well-designed stage for performances, we have the experience and expertise to help you.