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Stage Lighting Installation In Amarillo, TX

Create A Transformative Experience

Professional lighting can transform a keynote speaker from dull to dramatic. It enhances architectural features, displays, and exhibits. There are a lot of options for modern lighting solutions, from LED modules to traditional bulbs. Of course, power consumption is also always a consideration.

Amarillo Media Systems has extensive experience designing and installing lighting solutions. Whether you’re looking for professional stage lighting or to highlight architectural features, our specialists will be able to design the perfect lighting for you.

Industries We Serve


Worship centers with a dedicated performance hall will benefit dramatically from professional lighting. Even smaller congregations could benefit from accent and spotlighting in their nave or sanctuary.

AMS has helped dozens of churches develop professional lighting for their performance halls, sanctuaries, and exteriors. Our lighting designers will ensure you have a professional, easy to control setup.


Businesses can benefit from professional lighting setups in conference centers and auditoriums. Professional lighting can transform a meeting or presentation into an experience. Well-placed LED systems can emphasize architectural features and exhibits while providing a dramatic color palette.

Amarillo Media Systems has extensive experience helping businesses develop dramatic lighting solutions. Our technicians and designers will help devise and install the perfect lighting for your space.


Professional lighting can turn graduation ceremonies, student productions, and campus presentations into something to behold. Modern LED lighting provides a large palette of colors while keeping power consumption low. It makes a great option for a versatile, low-cost lighting setup.

AMS has extensive experience working with school districts throughout the panhandle to create dramatic, effective lighting. Our technicians will install custom lighting to overhaul your space, all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.


Even a small venue can benefit from a professional lighting setup. Professional lighting will attract better talent, and it will allow that talent to fully express themselves. Performances will be more dramatic and will put your venue on the map as a go-to location for music or performing arts.

AMS has helped both large and small--as well as indoor and outdoor--venues create versatile, dramatic, and professional lighting setups that distinguish their venue. Our technicians and designers will also be able to create simple control mechanisms for your lighting setup.

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