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Video & Screen Projector Installation in Amarillo, TX

Modern Media Solutions

Almost everything is going digital. Old methods of visual presentation just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Every industry from education to government is modernizing, and part of that modernization includes transitioning to digital video and projection systems.

Amarillo Media Systems can help design modern visual media systems that meet the needs of your company and space. Whether you need a smartboard for interactive presentations or a digital overhead projector for slides, videos, or live streaming our technicians will be able to design a system that works for you.

We’re dedicated to service after the sale and offer ongoing support and maintenance for your visual media system. Contact us to schedule an appointment or a maintenance request or view the projects we’ve completed throughout the Texas Panhandle.

Industries We Serve


Churches need easy-to-use visual media systems for meeting spaces, classrooms, and full-size auditoriums. High-quality digital projection capabilities are a must for sharing slides, verses, and even video of a sermon or performance for exceptionally large venues.

AMS has helped dozens of churches throughout the Texas Panhandle design visual media systems that meet the needs of their congregations while helping them provide accompanying audio and lighting systems.


Schools need affordable, long-lasting visual media systems for classrooms, auditoriums, and even sports stadiums. These systems need to integrate with the other classroom technologies seamlessly to allow efficient transitions between the two.

AMS has helped school districts throughout the panhandle design classroom, auditorium, and stadium audiovisual systems that are easy to use and effective. Our technicians will seamlessly integrate classroom video systems into current technology to ensure total compatibility.


Offices require fully digital meeting spaces, be they conference rooms or auditoriums. In addition, they often need both video conferencing and live streaming capabilities so they can cast their presentations around the globe.

AMS can not only help businesses develop high-quality visual media systems, we are also capable of helping design a system that provides seamless video conferencing and live streaming.


Local government and state agencies require long-lasting and high-quality visual media systems alongside video conferencing and live streaming capabilities. Courtrooms often require projections systems and document cameras to make presentations simpler and more efficient.

AMS has helped dozens of local entities develop visual media solutions that meet the needs of their space and their stakeholders. Our dedication to service also means that you’ll have a longterm partners to help with the maintenance of your system.

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