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Sound System Design and Installation in Amarillo, TX

Crystal Clear Audio For 1 Or 100

Amarillo Media Systems has extensive experience with sound design. We’ve helped hundreds of companies throughout the Texas Panhandle design sound systems that provide crystal clear audio, whether in a conference room or large performance venue.

Our sound technicians will be able to provide a comprehensive system for your needs. They’ll select the public address system, design a soundscape, select amplifiers that can produce clear sound, and then provide a PA mixer. We can also offer sound dampening and acoustic manipulation for performance venues.

If you’re looking for a high-quality sound system, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Industries We Serve


Churches have diverse audio system needs. For sermons and lectures, they need a crystal clear public address system, often with multiple inputs. The praise band will often need a full performance sound system, complete with a comprehensive audio mixing station.

Amarillo Media Systems has helped dozens of churches throughout the Texas Pandhandle design high-quality, modern sound systems accompanied by stage lighting, recording capabilities, and video delivery systems.


Modern educational environments have a lot of different audio system needs. Classrooms need high-quality audio for video presentations, auditoriums need a public address system, and sports complexes need a sound system for music and announcements.

AMS has helped dozens of districts in the Texas Panhandle with their audio needs. Large or small, we’ll be able to provide high-quality sound design alongside a dedication to customer service.


As more and more work moves online and employees work from home, it’s important for businesses to have access to clear audio in conference and meeting rooms. Large businesses need public address systems for large meetings and presentations, alongside high-quality video displays and live streaming.

AMS has helped both large and small businesses develop sound systems for their various needs. Our sound designers have extensive experience accompanied by a dedication to post-sale service.


High-quality sound is fundamental for a performance venue, but each venue has unique needs and acoustic properties that will change what equipment can provide the highest-quality audio. Theaters and music venues have different requirements so its important to get the perfect equipment.

AMS has designed sound systems for a variety of uses, from performance to public address. Our sound designers are equally capable of outfitting indoor and outdoor venues and are dedicated to providing service after the sale.

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